Well, the SQL update is complete. Finally. But it required an entire site reset, which I guess I'm fine with.

SQL is a lot easier to deal with, compared to the "text-as-database" which I was using before. I feel that it's easier use, especially with its search-by-key (which allows me to arrange my files in a reverse tree structure), compared to the excessive code required to do so in reading and rewriting entire text files (which I was doing beforehand).

Remaking the comment system in SQL was also a lot easier, as now all the comments are stored in one place, nestled in the same reverse tree structure that the articles are arranged in. A lot better than dealing with text files.

Sanitation may be an issue, but I have installed some rudimentary measures, so that nobody can drop the tables from the inputs.

Don't drop the tables. Please.

Exploits, etc. can be directed to me. Thanks.

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Posted on2014-05-31 01:08
Last modified on2014-11-02 22:57

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