Starting From Scratch


I've decided to scrap my entire website and start from scratch.

The old website was pretty intriguing in function. It was a php backend calling an SQL database which stored all of the data for the posts, along with comments, RSS generation, and everything else you wanted in a functional website.

Unforunately, php has fallen out of style, so I've decided to trim it down from a dynamically-served website to a static site generator, which should be a bit easier to run.

Also, I was running into an issue where my previous content management system was custom made through the same web interface, but there was a limit to the amount of data I could send through a POST request, which ended up having problems with posting new pages.

So now I'm back to posting content from the backend, which is good enough really.

We lose a few things, though. RSS is gone. I'll look into reimplementing it at some point, but given the lack of usage I'm not sure how/when it'll come back. Also, with static site generation it'll need to be some meta-script that creates a list of pages and generates the RSS feed from them, but also making sure not to change the order as I post, update and edit.

Comments are gone. Good riddance.

Maybe with this easier access I could post more often. Maybe.

Welcome back.