I've finally gotten around to fiddling with FreeDNS free DNS domains to change that awful free hosting URL that I had, so as of now, my website (preferentially) resides at http://eniteris.it.cx. Please update your bookmarks accordingly.

Not sure how well it's going to work, because terrible web hostTM has some strange back-end blackbox server load protection schemes that I have no idea about.

I've also registered a couple URL redirects while I was at it as well, none of which you need to know about except for the .us.to address, which is the only one that I could find that you could post onto Facebook. Seriously. Facebook has some strange link-blocking filters that seem to filter out any and all free urls. Thankfully, that one works, but I don't know for how long.

The url path works the exact same for all domains, so it's simple to paste links (apart from changing the extension, but seriously, .it.cx looks much better that .us.to).

Have fun with the shiny new URL!

Edit (2014-10-16): .us.to has been removed due to Facebook changing its link-blocking filters. Might be using a different domain soon. Stay tuned.

And there we go. eniteris.github.io works as a redirect. .me is not up yet; some DNS problems Hopefully will be solved soon.

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Posted on2014-08-01 00:40
Last modified on2014-11-02 22:59

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