Complete and utter revamp.

I've swapped hosting and domains a couple times since my last post, but I've finally figured out local webhosting. I'm currently hosting my website on an antiquated mobile that was lying in my closet for the longest time, and I've dredged up a domain name that I got for free from Namecheap last September from a hackathon.

The mobile is still lying in my closet.

The domain name is still blocked by Facebook for ungodly reason (I redirected it to my terrible web hostâ„¢ for a while, and it's impossible to get URLs off the blocklist), and the domain is fairly expensive to renew; I'll register a new domain name when the time comes, and hopefully that URL will not be blocked.

So don't change your bookmarks just yet, but I feel like this website is going to be a lot more stable and a lot more reliable than than before.

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Posted on2015-06-25 02:07
Last modified on2015-07-01 05:46

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