After looking over ther periodic table and finding that all of the Niger-based halogen domains were free (with the exception of I wondered how many more domain hacks exist, and how many are still available.

So, as a programmer, I quickly whipped up a script in C++ (probably could have used a scripting language to write it faster, but oddly enough, I don't Perl installed on my machine) to do it for me (albeit probably quite inefficiently). Basically the script reads through a dictionary and compares the last few characters to all of the top level domains in existence and prints them out to a file.

Next steps include removing case-sensitivity from the comparisons (thankfully Notepad++ has automatic case-conversion), hooking the script up to an API to check the availability and pricing of those domains (Niger domains cost a couple hundred to register, surprisingly enough), and modifying the domain list to filter out difficult-to-register domains (such as presence requirements, or the requirements of secondary domains (such as Thailand), include secondary domains, and enforce the minimum character limit present on some domains.

Happy registring!

Edit (2014-07-12): At the behest of a "friend" I ran the script instead on a list of "cool" words gathered with a nice one-liner he whipped up:

copy([]"div.article p > b")) .map(function(e){return e.innerText}).join(""))

(The compiled wordlist can be found here.)

The output of the cooler domain hacks can be found here.

(Interestingly enough, the website redirects to a website that specializes in making domain hacks. Huh.)

05-08-2015: I accidentally overwrote this post when writing Eminent Domain. I should probably have checks (or at the very least backups) to ensure this doesn't happen again.

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