It seems drawing circles clockwise or counterclockwise is script-dependent. I would also be interested in how the data partitions for starting at the top versus bottom.

Apparently Uranus has an oscillatory magnetic field. The planet already seems to have formed farther out in the solar system, but changing exposure to solar winds would make for an interesting evolutionary exercise.

Can a biologist fix a radio? Answer: No. A nice personal scientific article, which seems to predominantly out of Cold Spring Harbor.

Although not using the Reddit Sarcasm Database, a new paper is teaching computers what we really mean when we speak sarcastically. They have their own database from Twitter.

Mathematics classifies egg shapes, shows correlation to flight strength. Very nice visualisation.

Folding anything out of paper, with a minimum number of creases. Not published yet, but looks promising.

Ketamine is an antagonist to the NMDA receptor, which is the same as alcohol. Does alcohol treat depression? I think the current advice is most definitely not.

Apparently snakes' organs atrophy between feeding, and regenerate their organs after a meal. Also of interest is that the blood of fed snakes also stimulates mammalian cells.

A tenth planet in the solar system (not counting Pluto)?

To me, cybersecurity is synonymous to pentesting, so if you want to make an army of girl-hackers, I say go for it.

Apparently there's some debate on whether heterochromatin actually compacts to prevent gene expression. A new paper shows the heterochromatin segregates in a liquid-like manner.

Brains are trying to make you forget. I mean, evolutionary speaking, memory is only as good as it serves you, even if it warps the past to make the present better. But it's not like we're under strong evolutionary pressures anymore.

Wifi is great for 3D mapping. The resolution isn't that great, but you can probably track moving objects with just your router and computer.

We're redefining the kilogram by next year.

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