An interesting carnivorous plant which uses vacuum pressure to suck in water fleas. Genomic analysis shows a strong conservation of carnivorous genes, so I guess it worked out for them. Also, apparently the humped bladderwort has 98% coding genes, quite impressive (humans only have ~2%).

Not quite cyborg ladybugs, but close enough. Transplanting an artificial wing cover allowed scientists to figure out how ladybug wings fold. Related: cutting a hole in a caterpillar to see how butterfly wings develop.

It seems like the WannaCry worm has been associated with North Korea. Shared code, temporal association. Of course, the vulnerability was leaked by the Shadow Brokers which has been selling exploits, so who knows who bought from them.

Additionally, someone has been trying to use the IOT Mirai botnet to take down the WannaCry killswitch. After all, the two have exclusive niches, and aren't competing.

A molecular simulation of ATP synthase (and associated chromatophore). Always fun, as ATP synthase is one of three times the wheel has evolved in nature.

Anti-drone shielding. Of course, I prefer drone-hunting eagles or at the very least competent spearthrowers.

Want to modify someone's morality? Unfortunately, we're not quite there yet. Ignoring the looming spectre of moral relativism, there are some interesting findings, like oxytocin increasing racism.

A photoreceptor in plants functions by changing reaction rates in light or in darkness, which go on to tell the plant to grow at night.

Bacterial biofilms resist water like lotus leaves, but the question remains: what causes the bacteria to organise into these microstructures?

An interesting article about the difference of reality and perception. I prefer this hypothesis.

It's possible that America is 30% closet atheists? An interesting study, using the unmatched count technique. After all, atheists are routinely discriminated against in the US.

We all love gene drives (especially for causing the extinction of a species), but it seems like they're not going to work after all. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

Last but not least, Boyajian's star is acting up again. I'm not saying that it's aliens, but...

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