Wikicrawl of the week: Lord of the Flies to The Coral Island to Robinsonade to Desert island to Juana Maria, a Native American woman who lived alone on an island for eighteen years. No one could understand her language, and there exists a wax cylinder of her singing.

Also, saltwater intrusions. In case you're on a deserted island, and probably need freshwater.

Samurai armour for pets. And children. But mostly pets.

Secret Hitler now has a Trump skin pack. I don't think it adds any new content, which is a shame, but the art is on point.

Drafts of Ginsberg's Howl have been posted online. It's always nice to dissect the creative process, especially with such a magnificent work.

Vegetarian burgers, with heme. Heme is a major component of blood, and I'm surprised that people haven't tried this before. Why not reduce meat to the constituent molecules and identify which ones give it the properties of meat?

Kill old cells, live forever? Killing senescent cells prevents osteoarthritis in mice, so that's a plus. Maybe bathing in the blood of youths does give you immortality after all.

Apparently harpoons are so good in nature, that they evolve multiple times. Although it seems like high-pressure weaponry doesn't scale evolutionary; the only macroscopic versions I can think of are blood-spurting and venom-spitting.

An interesting article, hard to describe. Game theory of kindness and forgiveness to friends and strangers? Something like that.

What is autism? Apparently, brain structure at six months can help predict autism. Autism is definitely genetic, but it's also on a spectrum. Is it merely a different wiring of the brain? At what point do we consider them an "other"? After all, in the possibility space of all possible brains, there have to be more segments of "functional but other" brains.

Monolayers can still be magnetic. Chromium triiodide. Of course, they still use the scotch tape method.

Buying likes, now in a convenient kiosk.

How does malware phone home? Britney Spear's Instagram. Turla, a Russian hacking group, also uses satellites to hide data, but that's because the satellites are unencrypted (why?).

Normally hackers use irc channels to coordinate their botnets, but the internet is a two-way communication protocol, so you can always trace the servers. What's a one-way communication protocol? Shortwave radio. Sure, they know your geographic location, but they don't know where your agents are in the field.

Also, writing prompt: they take down the transmitter for a number station, but the transmissions continue.

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