Pictures of praying mantises eating birds.

Are you worried that a supernova will wipe out all life on Earth with no warning? Thankfully, their neutrino wave reaches us faster than the blast front, so sign up to the email alert to get an email when you have hours left to live.

Related: the 2008 gamma ray burst which was visible to the human eye for all of thirty seconds.

17776: A Football Odyssey. A very good use of the internet as a medium for webfiction.

Ostriches have two kneecaps (per knee).

Prosthetics as enhancements. Really interesting, although many of those using don't seem to have full control over them. Imaging being outfitted with prosthetic enhancements at birth, and growing up with full control over superhuman abilities.

Computers learn to read body language.

The microbiome of cocoa plants protects younger plants from infection.

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