More insect cyborgs. Seriously, is this actually a thing now?

Three Hail Mary's for your sins.

Apparently space bacteria are stronger than Earth bacteria. Why? No idea, but seems to be related to how the bacteria interact with each other in zero gravity. Thankfully, space bugs are not more resistant to antibiotics.

Raising cats in environments devoid of vertical or horizontal lines makes them blind to that direction. A similar thing probably applies in humans, which is why ethics is a great thing to have.

The human visual cortex predicts where things will be. Unsurprising, but it's nice to know that the visual cortex can do the prediction without you paying attention to what's going on.

There are some studies that show that marijuana has some impact on brain development. Although alcohol does too, so should we legalise marijuana for being not as bad as alcohol, even though it may have negative health effects? (Also, lots of things are better than alcohol.)

An interesting alternative to the Kardashev scale. Rather than measuring historically how much energy is used, in terms of solar output, this looks at what kinds of energy are used, from geochemical to light to oxygen and fire.

Genetically modified organisms? How about epigenetically modified organisms? Although the paper itself only maps the epigenome, it's still quite interesting how epigenetic changes can differentiate between different strains.

Deep-learning generative modelling. If you give a computer a design goal, what it comes up with will look so much stranger than anything that any human could design, and probably will work so much better, as well.

How are memories stored in the brain? It seems that the neurons store memories as firing patterns, and replay the firing patterns in fast-forward upon retrieval.

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Posted on 2017-06-05 02:30:04

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